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Navigating in the one piece 738 New World is not as simple as following a single route. Luffy has not followed the log pose at all, yet. Punk Hazard was unlogged. Not even the “danger” needle pointed in that direction. They emerged from the ocean in an unusual place because of the whirlpool and whales, Punk Hazard happened to be the first island that they spotted. Risky Red, Raijin Island, and Mistria are the three islands that can be reached by log pose from Fishman Island.

one piece 738 spoiler

Smoker did not identify which was the “danger” island. Smoker happened to intercept the distress call Luffy responded to. If an enemy were simply to follow them from Fishman Island, guessing Luffy would take the most dangerous route, then they would never have found the Strawhats. If an enemy realized that Luffy had been on Punk Hazard, and decided to pursue, following the most dangerous route also would have led them in the wrong direction. The Strawhats did not follow the log pose at all to Dressrosa, but took a more “roundabout route”. It was never stated whether Dressrosa was the most dangerous route, as it did not really effect the story. Relying on a single needle would be “disastrous”. The Strawhat’s won’t be able to only follow the most dangerous route as they travel.

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