Fairy Tail 365 Chapter | Fairy Tail 365 Spoiler


The new awesome fairy tail 365 is coming, the latest fairy tail 365 manga chapter will be available as soon as they are released by mangazone and mangastream. Just wait for fairy tail 365 spoilers and fairy tail 365 raw pics with English translation. You guys just want Oracion Seis to be villains, you are overlooking facts. Number one, Hoteye is a good guy now, number two, Cobra helped the good guys in the pervious arc, number three, Cobra is not going to mess with Fairy Tail as long as Kianna is with Fairy Tail, and two of their members plans were to find a long lost brother, and take a shower, oh yeah they so want to help Tartarus.

fairy tail 365 manga

If they fight, it would be a fight for respect. They build this up so much, OS being villains again, is boring, they were already defeated, and they turned on Brain, that is a good jesture that they might change their ways, at least for now. I don’t think Doranbolt is concerned with Oracgion Seis or Crime Sorciere at the moment, his only concern is Tartarus, and rightfully so, they are the immediate threat, and he will sort everything else out after Tartarus has been defeated.

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