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Just stay with us here to read naruto 660, we always updated in naruto 660 spoiler and naruto 660 raw chapter and scans. Any moment from now, naruto 660 spoiler and naruto manga 660 scans will came out of course thanks to virtus and 2ch forum for naruto 660 raw and narutobucks for the naruto 660 English scans. I suppose since Madara fought Hashirama when he was alive and his eyes probably saw how the chakra was flowing to heal the wounds in Hashirama that he could replicate the effect once he had the abilities. Perhaps the way Mokuton interchanges with the natural flesh of the user is what makes it an “ability” oppose to a jutsu.

naruto 660 scans

Mokuton at heart is still a kekkai genkai and other people in the past use their kekkai genkai regardless of jutsu seals such as Kimimaro and Haku. Most People get too impatient because they find things that are left unexplained or do not seem to make sense immediately when in fact a couple of episodes later they get clarified. One recent example is Madara being reckless about his mortal body (being toyed with bijus because he did not watch out properly) but it actually makes sense considering his mad arrogance and this was actually explained in this last chapter. Still in the previous chapter, taken on ist own, it didn’t stand as logical.

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